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MoneyGuru24 is a loans comparison website. MoneyGuru24 provides comparison services of retail banking and financial products from personal loans and credit cards to mortgage loans, consolidation loans and more. MoneyGuru24 comparison service is completely free of charge and it is available for consumers in more than 30 countries, we help you to compare hundreds of loan products from variety of product providers all over the world and we are continuously expanding our services.

We understand that banking and loan products can be very complex and hard to understand, therefore on MoneyGuru24 website you can not only compare financial products but also find useful information and guides to consumer protection, information on financial and loan products, and more. For example:

  • - this website is provided by the National Credit Regulator and here you can find general information and tips on financial products such as loans as well as get acquainted with National regulations.
  • - this website is provided by the Ombudsman for banking services and here you can find information on banking and personal finance products such as personal loans.
  • - this website is provided by the South African government and here you can find information on consumer rights and protection and get acquainted with the Consumer Protection Act.
  • - this is informative website about South Africa and here you can find useful information on financial products as well as find relevant institutions to turn to if you wish to find more information on financial products, wish to file a complaint or get acquainted with laws and regulations.
  • - this website is provided by the National debt mediation association. If you are experiencing money problems and are struggling with debt, here you can find helpful information and tips on debt management as well as receive bet counselling.

MoneyGuru24 takes pride in helping people be more informed about financial products in order to make smarter financial decisions.

MoneyGuru24 is also a trusted partner of numerous financial institutions, affiliate networks and marketing agencies all over the world. On Moneyguru24 we are always opened to explore new cooperation options.If you wish to discuss cooperation, please look for more information here

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MoneyGuru24 is not a bank, lender, broker or product issuer. MoneyGuru24 is not owned by a financial institution but is an independent company owned by private shareholders. All information provided on MoneyGuru24 has general and informative nature. Although MoneyGuru24 covers wide range of loan products and providers, keep in mind that those are not the only options available in the market and may not be the best fit for you. We do not consider your personal circumstances and financial situation and we are not recommending any particular products. If you choose to apply for a loan product through MoneyGuru24 website you will be dealing directly with the loan provider not with MoneyGuru24. It is recommended for you to read all relevant documentation given by the loan provider before accepting any financial product offer.

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